Machinery Purchase

Machinery loans can be availed to either repay a faulty or broken machine or upgrade to a better version.

We help MSEME gain access to 100% funding for purchasing machines from OEMs. At a low rate of Interest, without requiring any additional collateral. The loan of any value can be raised depending upon the expected cash flows of the business. Since it is applied online process is fast and therefore, every process is removed that slows down a loan approval. By taking MSME and SME loans online we have ensured same-day loan approvals with disbursals pending the verification of documents.

Now, the Government has introduced many reforms to provide easy MSME finance to MSMEs and they can avail emergency MSME loans of up to 20% of credit by banks and NBFCs , this would further ease the process of obtaining credit and further help them gain the reach the desired level of output. 

MSME Financing