Invoice discounting/funding

MSMEs face constraints in obtaining adequate finance, particularly in terms of their ability to convert their trade receivables into liquid funds . 

For any business, it is likely to get its cash trapped in outstanding invoices. In such instances, we can arrange for cash via invoice discounting at competitive rates. 

With our assistance you can ensure your business continues to grow and flourish. Don't let money be locked with uncleared invoices. By opting for bill discounting service that allows you to gain access to cash flow without impacting your balance sheet.

Through our association with lenders, who specialise in invoice discounting, we ensure that a MSME business obtains adequate funds at competitive prices. By using invoice discounting, you can obtain short-term funds from financial institutions based on your outstanding invoices. It not only helps businesses continue running but also acts as a fuel to the growth of business.

MSME Financing