Private Equity

We have well established relationships with private equity funds, venture capital funds, family offices, strategic investors and high net worth investors. We work with corporates at all stages in the life cycle. On one hand we work with starts up. to help them acquiring seed funding to multiple series funding. On the other hand, we work with corporates who have an established track record and need private equity for strategic reasons.

We have a good understanding of their preferences and investment thesis. This enables us to find the right solution for our clients. We match investors with corporates wherein both share the same philosophy and a harmonious growth takes place, creating value for all stakeholders.

We work closely with our clients to strategize the whole fund-raising process, for both long term and medium term. A whole funding plan with timelines is developed.  An appropriate investment deck is prepared after thorough research and market analysis of future global and national trends. We spend a considerable time with the clients to understand their busines, current performance and future prospects. 

Basis the research, we approach select investors, whose investment philosophy matches the client requirement. We remain actively engaged during all stages of the transaction, from due diligence to term sheet negotiations to execution of transaction documents.

From growth stage funding to complex transactions later in the cycle, Maxigain Consulting serves clients across the spectrum.

We have significant expertise across following sectors : 

  • IT Services
  • Digital businesses 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Business
  • Renewable Energy
  • Logistics

Investment Banking