Merger and Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions are a valuable tool for businesses, they help companies in tapping new possibilities offered by the market.

However, the process can be quite complex, with our deep industry knowledge we help companies identify other businesses that offer a good strategic fit and assist them with acquisitions, mergers and alliances that allow them to maintain and keep their competitive advantage.

As part of its M&A advisory service, Maxigain Consulting provides strategic advisory to companies to ease the process while providing maximizing value.

- Buy Side Services

A successful buy side transaction needs a careful analysis of the current and future industry trends, finding the right target and making the acquisition at an optimum price. 
Our team of ex bankers and investment professionals have executed many successful buy side transactions. We have added value in these transactions by our financial intellect, vast experience and market information. 

Our team of Chartered Accountants and Finance professional are proficient in doing careful and thorough due diligence of the target aimed at uncovering all hidden liabilities and pitfalls. 

- Sell side Services

Selling companies or their units effectively is a complex process that requires judgment, experience and market knowledge. 
Our team of ex bankers and investment professionals have the required experience and knowledge to tap the right buyer for your company and provide insights into the industry and strategies on the sale side advisory to companies. We focus on matching the strategic buyer with seller so that maximum value creation is there for all the stakeholders.

We provide both Buy Side and Sell side services across following sectors:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Sectors
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals 

Investment Banking