Restructuring plan

In order to solve the financial issues of a corporate through restructuring, the underlying business care of the corporate has to be thoroughly analysed. What factors have led to the corporate reaching the stage of distress, what is the plan for resolving those business issues Our team of finance professionals, and ex-bankers reach to the core of the underlying issues and then along with the corporate prepare a solution. 

A resolution plan has four corner stones. It has to meet the regulatory requirements in law and spirit, the business needs of the corporates, has to be acceptable to the lenders and has to be acceptable to the shareholders and management. Meeting the requirements of all these stakeholders means that the business plan has to go through an iterative phase of redrawing it, until all stakeholders agree to the same.

The resolution process in India also involves other agencies like the credit rating agencies and TEV consultants and other agencies which may be appointed by lenders. Our team assists the corporate in responding to all such agencies and ensuring that the resolution plan moves ahead. 

The final approval of the resolution plan may impose slightly different terms and conditions then previously envisaged. All such issues have to be navigated with all the stakeholders concerned, in order to obtain closure.

Our team has prior experience of successfully closing some of the most complex restructuring plans for large corporates. They have done closure of restructuring under various different norms, starting from CDR norms, to Vanilla Restructuring, and S4A. We have a combined experience of doing restructuring for more than 50 companies with a combined value of more than 4 Billion USD.

Financial Restructuring