Working Capital Loans

Be it a large corporate or a small business, working capital is the lifeline of any business, a  lack of it jeopardizes a company's ability to finance its day-to-day operations. 

We design customised solutions for corporates, which range from the traditional working capital limits to unsecured trade finance, bill discounting and other features which enable corporates to raise funds without the need to provide collateral security at all stages and eases the liquidity of the business , With our innovative solutions, we help our clients to overcome the cash flow crunch and maximize the business potential.

Working capital requirements of a corporate depend on the vagaries of their industry. Hence there can be no “One Size fits all “solution. We therefore tap multiple sources to organise the working capital solutions for corporates for their long-term working capital needs and also short-term needs: 

These sources of working capital include:

  • Cash Credit Limits
  • Working Capital Term Loan (WCTL)
  • Buyers Credit
  • Trade finance for international operations
  • Trade finance for domestic operations
  • Unsecured loans

  • We tap all lenders in the market place, such as Banks, NFBC, Lending platforms, Financial Institutions . This enables us to organise funds on most optimum terms for the corporate. 

Corporate Finance