Construction Finance

We help raise loans for construction finance for real estate developers need specialised solutions. The slowdown in the real estate has led to a number of lenders withdrawing from this sector. A limited set of lenders have remained in this sector and these have become more selective over the years. 

We have good connections with the lenders in this space and understand their investment criteria and selection yardstick. We organise loans to Builders/Developers for developing and constructing Residential / Commercial Premises.

We work with real estate developers to design a customised solution keeping in view their project requirements. The loan size, repayment schedule, tenure, interest rates and asset cover are all determined by the project requirements on the one hand and the lenders criteria on the other hand.  The market conditions play a crucial role in determination of the loan terms.

We also organise loans to real estate developers who are under financial stress through  Special Situation Funds. This provides crucial funds which can be a lifeline. The terms for such funding differ substantially and depends on the particular circumstances and the perceived risk in the situation. 

Our sources of funds for Construction Finance are: 

  • Banks 
  • Financial Institutions
  • NBFC  
  • Special Situation Funds 

Corporate Finance