Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the lifeline of any organisation. A well-managed corporate finance function has a great impact on the profitability, sustainability and growth of the organisation. We bring to the fore our combined experience of more than 100 years of managing corporate finance through all stages of corporate lifecycle. We have experience of managing corporate finance for numerous sectors such as

  • Renewables
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Agro- processing
  • Steel
  • Power
  • Textiles and technical textiles
  • Manufacturing and packaging etc for various large and mid-sized corporates. 

    We devise and implement effective and efficient financial strategy for corporates in all sectors. Our strategies are targeted towards designing the most optimum solution in terms of funding sources, capital structuring, costs, financial leverage, resource mobilisation and maximizing enterprise valuation.

    We have strong working relationships with various players in the corporate finance domain, such as banks, financial institutions, NBFC, Special situation funds, Private equity players, High Net worth investors and Venture capital investors. This enables us to have our feet on the ground and design and implement a successful financial strategy at any given point of time.

    We design and implement corporate finance solutions for corporates in all stage of busines life cycle- from start-ups to growth phase, and also for corporates under stress. 

    We help organizations with following services: